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About Us

LGBTQ Healthcare has been created for for the LGBTQ community, especially the transgender and queer community to find affirming healthcare options. We do our best to find the most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual affirming healthcare professionals as possible. Please share your experience with us if you seek treatment with any professionals in our LGBTQ Healthcare directory. We will be updated our directory regularly to find the best options for our community.
We have created this LGBTQIA+ Healthcare list out of our own experience with non-affirming healthcare professionals. We hope to provide tips that we use when going to visit a healthcare professional to make sure you have the confidence or support to advocate for yourself. Our experience has been a difficult one and we have experienced all sorts of discrimination and ignorance along with many professionals with a desire to be affirming but lacking education or LGBTQIA+ cultural experience.
If you visit or speak with any healthcare professional that is lacking or has a desire to become affirming, please connect them with us and we will provide their entire staff education. We have found the best way to create change in a healthcare office is to offer and provide education.
You may find that although a healthcare professional claims to be affirming, the entire staff may not all be on the same page. We have found trans-affirming doctors only to experience a front desk that has not been affirming. We have also experienced the opposite by which the front desk and nurses are affirming and the doctors are not affirming.
Our goal is to work with all Healthcare Professionals until their entire office can provide an LBTQIA+ affirming experience through the entire process of the visit the the doctor’s office or therapy office, etc…